Oh, the irony!

Yeah, so I post my response to one journal’s opinion about publication indicating that you take your work seriously, and five minutes later, I receive notification that three of my poems will be published in the 2017 edition of Spindrift, the art and literary journal published by Shoreline Community College. If previous publication schedules hold, it should be available in June. Yeah…

(18 March 2017)

ART 53, day 28

This Is Fifty-Three, day 28

After a very productive day yesterday, I spent today going through all the sections of the book, making small adjustments here and there, swapping out photos, and even taking out a couple of inadvertent duplicates (the poem ‘Sinistrata’ appeared in two sections, for example).
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ART 53, day 25

This Is Fifty-Three, day 25

Thanks to a lull in the action, I was able to work a bit on the book yesterday. It had been long enough that I sort of lost track of where I was, but the main task was to update some of what I had already worked on, incorporating some of my newer poems, and taking out others. Continue reading “ART 53, day 25”