Call for Suggestions: Resistance Song of the Day

Since January, I have been posting a ‘resistance song of the day’ each day. More accurately, I have intermittently gone on YouTube benders and scheduled these posts well in advance.

In a couple of days, the last of the last batch of songs I selected will be posted. Although my tastes cover a fairly broad range, it is getting harder and harder to think of songs to post without duplicating previous posts.

So! If you have any suggestions about songs I could add to this series (which I intend to post for the duration), please send them my way. Just artist and title, please. You can comment on this post, or use the Contact link above.


P.S.: I managed to find a few more that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of earlier, so I am now good through June 6th. But I am still looking for suggestions…

(20 May 2017)