Today (a poem)

Briefly remembering a day that used to be… Today was once a day for celebration when everything felt new joy and anticipation Now, I don’t want to do a post-mortem I was there the first time some thoughts do pop up at random but there’s no reason to those rhymes Today is now a day [...]


A dreamland encounter with Hope (a poem)

Scenes from last night's dreams… I travelled the road with her until she had to leave I promised her I would sort the cards In that last moment together we shared a kiss then I sat down to sort the cards The next day I arrived at my destination She was sitting in a chair [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #8 (April 8, 2013)

Not especially versed in either ottava rima or iambic pentameter (today's prompt), so I'm winging it—'cause that's sort of what I do… Ottava Rima for the Eighth; Maggie Thatcher's dead. The news doesn't even cover our newest wraith, so we'll just take that as read. Today's just another test of our strength in this crazy [...]