Two poems for Spindrift 2018!

I received notice today that two of my previously unpublished poems, ‘eterne’ and ‘______ and ______’, will appear in the forthcoming edition of Spindrift. The 2018 issue should be available in May or June. (16 February 2018)


CDC Poetry Project update

Update: the poem I submitted to The CDC Poetry Project is now scheduled to run on January 15th. For more information on exactly what The CDC Poetry Project is, go to I will post the link to the poem once I have it. (5 January 2018)

Still waiting—meanwhile…

I am still waiting with bated breath (O! the anticipation!) for the poem I submitted to the CDC Poetry Project to be posted. In the meantime, The Seattle Star has published my Jean Cocteau poem:… (3 January 2018)

Oh, yeah—my new book is out…

My new collection of poems, This Is Not the Book That Will Save Your Life, is officially available as of today. Here are some of the purchase links: Print (softcover) Amazon Barnes & Noble Powell’s City of Books Amazon and Barnes & Noble currently offer the book at a slight discount. e-books Smashwords (ePub or Kindle) [...]

Oh, the irony!

Yeah, so I post my response to one journal’s opinion about publication indicating that you take your work seriously, and five minutes later, I receive notification that three of my poems will be published in the 2017 edition of Spindrift, the art and literary journal published by Shoreline Community College. If previous publication schedules hold, it should [...]

This Is Fifty-three: Just the Words, Man—Published!

The Just the Words, Man edition of This Is Fifty-three is now available! For now, you can find it at CreateSpace; it should be listed on Amazon within the next few days. I have also made a proper page for both editions of the book on my website: The full-color edition is still in the proofing [...]