Bookstore Poem #304. Survival

Short and to the point… What can you survive that won’t survive you? I can’t think of a thing (8 June 2018)


We never went to Paris (a poem)

Someone played violin at open mic this evening. I imagined Paris, a place I have never been… but I remember hearing that violin outside the sidewalk café as we drank cappuccino late in the afternoon just before the shadows had a chance to lengthen We shared a look that said we knew (7 June 2018)

Bookstore Poem #292. Brief progression from a random phrase to a dream

What the title says… Eleven confections and an unsolicited smile seem innocuous enough to the casual observer They confuse me A little to be polite is a common strategy— but which scale are you using? One gram does not equal one ton under normal circumstances Normal circumstances confuse me There was a street fight going [...]

Grounded (a poem)

Inspired by a line in a Japanese drama… Rocks and pebbles and other assorted stones have never occurred to me to serve as metaphors for life neither have crystals or marbles or anything shiny Nor have I ever thought much about the ‘measure of a man’ The struggles of metaphors are for plays and dramas [...]