Bookstore Poem #219. 88 and counting

Doing some editing work at the Mountlake Terrace library. Partly inspired by a poem by S. R. Mason…  On this day when a lot of things don’t seem to count I went down the list and counted You have left eighty-eight pieces of yourself behind so far that I have picked up and collected in [...]


Bookstore Poem #218. This is outside

A mid-afternoon lunch at Third Place Commons this afternoon, followed by a little bit of time in Third Place Books…  I am outside here on the other side from where I want to belong I do not knock but once at the entrance in that old ‘shave and a haircut’ pattern— minus the ‘two bits’ [...]

Disconnect as a possible solution to problems of my own making (a poem)

Back to not repeating words (at least, within the poem)…  This suggestion of a disconnect doesn’t connect—or it does but not how you’d expect All things being equal I’d rather be anyone else with no stake in the outcome My natural inclination to hang back would then step aside and let me do what’s needed [...]