Bookstore Poem #125

Columbia branch, Seattle Public Library.   This is a down day I dragged myself out of the house so I wouldn’t have to stay There’s much more to be done I don’t feel up to doing it not today (11 February 2018)  


Bookstore Poem #120. I can see what’s in the cloud; making it rain is a different matter

Green Lake branch, Seattle Public Library.   A blank space stares at me from where I expect to see a face The face is not necessarily hers my fantasies are not made for soothing Nor are my drawing skills developed enough to fill in detail So her face stays a vague idea in the thoughts of [...]

Cover letter (a poem)

Online job applications this afternoon… To Whom it May Concern: I’m tired of making up new ways to say what I want without actually saying it I know I’m supposed to say things that make me look indispensable— the perfect fit for the cutters that make the cookies the proper peg for the proper hole— [...]

The return call (a poem)

Adventures in phone tag… ‘It’s urgent’ That’s what they tell you when they leave a message When you call back they’re not there             on the phone             in a meeting             out of the office on Fridays Their worry ends at the same time as their message I have to live with mine (6 [...]

Backup (a poem)

Well, this year could be a mess… The Arrangement has never been a topic of discussion You should not be asking me I know about as much as the six dollars and fifty-nine cents I have in the bank My backup plan is a short latte and a piece of coffee cake and hoping there’s [...]

Exploded view (a poem)

Early spring cleaning while watching ER… Disassembly, piece by piece, is not a simple reversal of process. Parts that have fit together for a long, long time have a tendency to fuse; ripping them out is a disturbance of the molecular order of things. People think that only organic matter is capable of consciousness or memory. [...]