Miscues (a poem)

What a day—a series of small blunders, all of them my fault. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking… The war is long over but the mistakes continue to compound to the point where nobody nobody knows where it really stands There may be time to call them back home but the [...]


Crisps (a poem)

Heard lots of poetry today. Not so much writing, though. From this morning: It wasn’t what you’d call crisp but the edges were sharp enough to cut leaving slices and slivers to mark the scene What didn’t get blown away by the breeze churned long enough to cause collateral damage The letter has sat on [...]

__________ and __________ (a poem)

A thinly veiled account… __________ survived being lonely __________ held out for longer than __________ thought possible The problem was that __________ and __________ spoke different languages For __________, it was all about giving doing those little things here and there remembering unexpected details about the things __________ liked what made __________ happy What __________ [...]