Undarned (a poem)

Based on a quote I saw posted on Twitter…  ‘Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.’ —Natalee Goldberg I’m tired of being split open tired of being accepting when acceptance is not forthcoming tired of being accommodating when accommodations are [...]


Your words are too good for me (a poem)

Quay Brothers films at the end of a long-ish day. No particular images reflected in this poem, though…  I carve out my own abstractions cells in which I claim to be impervious to everything A phrase passes from your lips ink stains the page and feeling enters the space between the armor and my skin [...]

Exquisite corpse poem in The Seattle Star

Recently I participated in another Creative Commons celebration in Seattle. As part of the festivities, participants were asked to contribute a couple of lines to an exquisite corpse poem—a poem constructed a line or two at a time, which each participant seeing and responding to only a single line. The Seattle Star, the fine folks [...]

An itinerary (a poem)

I’m watching Quay Brothers films again…  The fourth day of the week arrived on the fifth day of the week I gave it a cursory glance then went back to staring at objects less deserving of my attention Their value was merely potential but sometimes potential requires attention if it is to develop into itself [...]

Bookstore Poem #126. Revolutions are in/convenient

Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. Despite the title, this ended up being a general rumination on war and violence. Revolutions are in/convenient. The disarray and chaos stirred up by the revolution, if done right, will be sucked up and swept away in the aftermath. A new sense of order, with calm taking place of [...]