The validity of best-of lists

I spotted this on Twitter earlier this afternoon: I can understand the poster’s frustration, but this suggestion seems entirely useless. Why? Well, I have some thoughts on that. For one thing, I doubt that anyone who reads year-end ‘best-of’ lists does so under the misconception that the critics compiling them had read every single book (or [...]


I must respectfully disagree…

A lot of folks know that, because of the way I go about the practice of writing poetry, I rarely submit work to literary journals. Today, after receiving email from a list I am subscribed to, I was reading a submissions FAQ when I came upon the following: We like seeing that numerous poems in the [...]

My take on #blacklivesmatter

As I am a middle-aged white guy, you may choose to take this with the proverbial grain of salt—but I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and wanted to add my perspective. So… Another day, another ALL lives matter! meme on social media. Often, this comes from the ‘conservative’ part of the political spectrum; sometimes, [...]