Dear Monday…

Dear Monday, Best thing about Hulu: non-holiday Twilight Zone marathons. Love, Kevin (31 October 2016)


Hallowe’en 2016 (a poem)

The final shadorma of the month. Eight days left ’til election day After that— we all hope— our long national nightmare will come to an end and the ghosts and deplorables will go back to their dens never bother us again Well, one can dream, right? (31 October 2016)

The plight of the insomniac (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by Peter Juvonen’s painting, Mexican Hat Dance. It’s an impossible-to-navigate party of shark’s teeth and demon tails a jigsaw puzzle of sixes but for the couple snogging at the edge of the room behind a screen that’s too short to do its job That path straight out of Joe Versus the Volcano [...]