Until we both ignite (a poem)

Bonus round. Inspired by a Tumblr re-post by S. R. Mason… I am the hesitant stick near the top of the kindling You’ve been smouldering for a while now I wait Someone begins playing a song to while away the time and set the mood Someone else begins thinking about love because there’s nothing else [...]


More new stuff!

If two new books weren’t enough, here is more new stuff! The 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology—which includes my poem ‘Red’—is now available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/2017-Poetry-Marathon-Anthology/dp/1942344031/ For your online enjoyment, The Seattle Star have recently posted a couple of things I was involved in. On November 16th, they posted an exquisite-corpse poem I contributed a couple of lines [...]