Let it go quietly (a poem)

Today’s entry is a reminder (to myself) that watching too closely for something to change is often not productive. The counter stays in place The digit does not fall Stop looking It is not necessary to celebrate a milestone likely to happen while you’re not watching So let it go let it go quietly— it [...]


Met with indifference (a poem)

Today’s entry, a rare example of the title coming to mind first. And yes, the pun is intended… It is a practiced art, if anything, not acknowledging what’s around you, drawing your attention away from that which you do not wish to see. It’s different from tunnel vision— more the inverse, where you focus on [...]

The lonely truth about sock monkeys (a poem)

Today’s entry… You can gently touch the sock monkeys but don’t expect a response They may look cute on the outside but they’re dead on the inside as dead as the cotton/rayon/polyester blend from which they’re stitched They may keep your feet warm and even wick away moisture all day long but they’ll never provide [...]

The unacknowledged burden of Prius owners (a poem)

Today’s late entry. Neighbors—I tell ya… The Prius is a humongous car a behemoth of an automobile demolishing everything in its path It is so gigantic that those who are skilled enough to drive it are very careful to make sure that at least two spaces are always available for parking Any fewer than that [...]

I once imagined a big glass staircase (a poem)

Today’s entry started out with an image I had in mind during the early stages of composing what would become my multi-part opus ‘The wonderful mysteriousness of unexpected development’, which started out as ‘The big glass staircase’, and which I worked on during the first Gulf War. This merged with the gist of an essay by my [...]

The ordinances of attraction and repulsion (a poem)

Today’s entry, inspired by a BBC Arts clip of Patti Smith and David Lynch, a Gil Scott-Heron music video, and certain patterns I recognize in my life. Some places are magnets pulling me back like gravity I know to avoid it but back in I go with Jupiter’s shadow leading the way The voices trying [...]