The red line (a poem)

The last Pi-Archimedes poem post. It’s not much, but I am getting ready for a reading tonight—and tomorrow is National Poetry Writing Month! ‘Better dead than red’ used to be the slogan that kept everyone in line. So how come red is this year’s new look? (31 March 2017)


The last piece of pi (a poem)

A new Pi-Archimedes poem. Not actually the last one for the month—and not actually Pi-Archimedes in form (it has an extra line)—but it’s better than the one I wrote this morning, and now I can read it tomorrow… ‘Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November.’ How the rest goes, I don’t remember— this is the last one [...]

ART 65 #4

  Yeah, I can’t help messing with the current draft, even before any feedback (if any) comes my way. Today’s revisions involved adding an Acknowledgments section, deleting a couple of poems, making a few small edits here and there, and revising the section with all the short poems so that there are two to a page [...]

ART 58 update update

The IngramSpark PDF proof for …but for the thoughts running through my mind was ready for review much sooner than expected. I have approved it, which means it should be showing up in a few extra places online (Barnes & Noble comes to mind), and, as I mentioned earlier, it should also soon be available to order [...]

ART 58 update

A brief update on …but for the thoughts running through my mind. Now that I have a fresh batch of ISBNs, I am taking advantage of IngramSpark’s Indie Fringe promotion to properly set up the book with them under my own ISBN (978-0-9988781-0-2). I anticipate being able to approve the PDF proof by tomorrow, which means [...]