Published! (vedfest link)

My poem ‘vedfest’ has been published by The CDC Poetry Project. You can read it at: Submission guidelines: (14 January 2018)


2017 Poetry Marathon

The 2017 Poetry Marathon is coming up August 5th. As you may know (from earlier posts), I participated in the half-marathon portion of last year’s event. It was brutal in spots, but I was glad I participated. Anyway, the organizers have posted the application form for this year’s go around. If you plan to participate, [...]

Poetry Marathon this Saturday 8/13/16

I am officially participating in this year’s Poetry Marathon—along with over 500 other folks, apparently. Participants sign up to write one new poem every hour, which they then post to the site.  Because I value my sleep (and because there is an open-mic I want to go to that evening), I am opting for the half-marathon—which means I [...]