National Poetry Writing Month: Day #20 (April 20, 2014)

Family poems seem to be all the rage among poetry prompts today; both and Writer’s Digest suggest writing a ‘family poem’ for today’s prompt. (Okay, that’s only two. Still…)

Number 20 on LitBridge’s list of prompts involves imagining ‘living 300 or more years ago’, with ‘the same personality and body’. (Yeah, I can’t see myself in the 18th century.)

Kelli Russell Agodon’s prompt for day 20 suggests removing my shoes and writing a poem celebrating my feet. (I hate my feet.)

Once again, PoeWar comes to the rescue. The twentieth prompt on the list is:

Write a poem that begins with a line of advice or instruction, such as don’t give up or take a left at the willow tree.

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