Sound of the house on fire (let the motherfucker burn) (a poem)

Probably my last blitz poem of the month. Body has a mind of its own Body will contract without my permission Permission has no say Permission looks the other way Way before I have a chance to object Way before I can act to correct Correct is not the answer I usually get Correct is the answer [...]


Said and done (a poem)

New blitz poem. Sixty-one with no asterisk Sixty-one and done Done with the flesh Done from one moment to the next Next come the memories Next we wonder what to do Do what we can to ease our minds Do what we must to carry on On the day it happened we suspected nothing On the [...]

The light waits for its chance to burst forth (a poem)

This blitz poem quotes both The KLF and Cheap Trick… Fakes going wild in the corner office Fakes doing fake things Things couldn’t be any better than this Things lie sometimes Sometimes people lie about things Sometimes we put these people in charge Charge it to our account Charge ahead and don’t worry Worry doesn’t look good [...]

The grey horse carries the broken rider back home (a poem)

New blitz poem. This horse has no colors This message is blank Blank screens light the scene Blank expressions greet the question Question marks scramble for attention Question marks scratch their heads Heads turn in all directions Heads bobble in confusion Confusion makes the headlines now Confusion is the new black Black scratches crowd the paper [...]

Make way for the leftfield comeback (a poem)

The blitz poem I wrote yesterday while waiting for a poetry reading to begin. Dreaming strange movies all night long Dreaming of rap in leftfield Leftfield amorphous in genre Leftfield a home for flaws, tics, and quirks Quirks that add flavor to sound Quirks to identify the outsider Outsider loitering just beyond the wall Outsider never feeling [...]

Distracting ourselves with pop songs in Donald Trump’s America (a poem)

A blitz poem I wrote after watching last night’s Saturday Night Live. The singer at the microphone The singer’s every word a mumble Mumble mumble beautiful Mumble mumble here Here is where they cut to commercial Here is where I’m confused Confused about what I just witnessed Confused about what happens next Next we take Manhattan Next [...]