Self-portrait (a poem)

A quiet day at home…  This documentary isn’t very interesting In fact it’s frustrating Nothing ever happens and the subject spends all his time obsessing over things that haven’t happened yet When he gets to a point where something could happen he talks himself out of it or sabotages the effort so that it never [...]


Bookstore Poem #126. Revolutions are in/convenient

Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. Despite the title, this ended up being a general rumination on war and violence. Revolutions are in/convenient. The disarray and chaos stirred up by the revolution, if done right, will be sucked up and swept away in the aftermath. A new sense of order, with calm taking place of [...]

Gradient fade

An evening at home…  Where the colors of the scene fade to reveal a flat background detail hides                   The dots fall farther and farther apart giving each other all the space they need and then some                        They don’t give me much to work with my visions of future terror need viable settings to [...]

In the quiet of the vestibule at St Andrews

Written yesterday evening in the annex of St Andrews Bar & Grill. (‘Sylvian’s Wood’ is a piece of music recorded by Christopher DeLaurenti in 1996.)   Though I’ve moved far on from Sylvian’s Wood I can still see its brilliant trees towering over sleeping steeples The holy blood of saints and sheep has been left in [...]