Rejection season has arrived!

Okay, it’s actually the first notices regarding competitions I have submitted my work to this year; it just so happens that the first two notices—one, really (I have not received the second notice, but the winners have already been announced via Twitter, so…)—are out, and my name appears among neither the winners nor the finalists/runners-up. [...]


8: Eight-word Poems—proof ordered

After a cursory check of the soft (PDF) proof, I have ordered print proofs, which I hope to have in hand within the next couple of weeks. It feels odd how quickly this one is coming together. Granted, choosing to include all of the poems from this particular writing challenge made that part of the [...]

8: Eight-word Poems submitted for proofing

I have been working quickly with this one. I spent part of today proofreading a printout, then making the necessary edits. I have already uploaded the interior and book cover PDFs for review; the next step will be proofing. I have set the publication/on-sale date for October 20th; I think this will give me enough [...]


Friday is September 1st—time for a new writing challenge. I think I am going to go with the thing I mentioned a couple of days ago—i.e., avoiding the word I, regardless of form or format. Will it be harder than May 2016’s verbless poem challenge? Stay tuned to find out. The eight-word-poem challenge for August turned [...]

State of the Art(ist), August 2017

It has been a while since I last posted something that wasn’t either a poem, a ‘love note’ entry, or somehow not directly related to my self-publishing activity (the ‘Resistance Song of the Day’ notwithstanding). So, here goes… I have yet to get a decent handle on 2017, even though it is two-thirds over. Although [...]

2017 Poetry Marathon: It’s official

It is official! I will be participating in the half-marathon portion of the 2017 Poetry Marathon. This means that, starting with the 6 o’clock hour (Pacific time) on August 5th, I will be writing and posting a new poem every hour for twelve hours. Although I write new poems daily, try to write more than [...]