Oh, the irony!

Yeah, so I post my response to one journal’s opinion about publication indicating that you take your work seriously, and five minutes later, I receive notification that three of my poems will be published in the 2017 edition of Spindrift, the art and literary journal published by Shoreline Community College. If previous publication schedules hold, it should be available in June. Yeah…

(18 March 2017)

E-book adventures, February 2017, Part 2


Update: After a brief exchange with the very helpful Kevin (also a poet) from Smashwords, I exercised the ‘nuclear option’—i.e., I saved my Word document as a plain text file, then re-applied all the formatting from scratch. It worked, so everything now looks the way it should. (As a precaution, I re-saved and uploaded the updated document to Amazon as well, so that the files will be consistent with each other.)

On the title thing, I chose to capitalize the only the first word. My updated file is now being reviewed, so I should know soon whether or not I have to do anything else.


(8 February 2017)


My contributions to the culture, 2016

2016 ended up being a difficult year: work that didn’t materialize, illness, car problems, and the death of Lucy, the world’s greatest alarm cat. And that’s just in my little world.

So, I figure I need to step back for a moment and reflect on the things I was able to accomplish: Continue reading “My contributions to the culture, 2016”