E-book adventures, February 2017, Part 2


Update: After a brief exchange with the very helpful Kevin (also a poet) from Smashwords, I exercised the ‘nuclear option’—i.e., I saved my Word document as a plain text file, then re-applied all the formatting from scratch. It worked, so everything now looks the way it should. (As a precaution, I re-saved and uploaded the updated document to Amazon as well, so that the files will be consistent with each other.)

On the title thing, I chose to capitalize the only the first word. My updated file is now being reviewed, so I should know soon whether or not I have to do anything else.


(8 February 2017)


New book available now

My new collection of poetry, …but for the thoughts running through my mind, is now available. I haven’t yet created a page for it on my website (that is on my to-do list for this week), but it can be purchased from CreateSpace and Amazon.

Here is a peek at the front cover:


Happy New Year!

(2 January 2017)

ART 58 proof ordered

(UPDATE: Not quite four and a half hours later, CreateSpace notifies me that my order has already shipped…)


I had to make a couple of minor adjustments first, and wait for the files to go through the review process again, but I have finally ordered proof copies of the next book.

Stay tuned…

(11 December 2016)

New book coming in January

I have just uploaded the files for my next collection of poetry, …but for the thoughts running through my mind, to CreateSpace for review and proofing. As I did with Coffee Stains, I am looking to make it available as of January 1st.

Here is a peek at the front cover:


Stay tuned…

(8 December 2016)

The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology now available

The folks who put together the annual Poetry Marathon have just published an anthology of poems from this year’s marathon, The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology. My poem ‘The doors on the right will open’, is among those included in the Half-Marathon section.

The book is available now from CreateSpace; it will be available from Amazon within the next few days.

(30 November 2016)