Whither P.M. Dawn?

I was listening to a bit of P.M. Dawn on YouTube earlier, and did one of my occasional searches in hope that some of their previously unreleased material might have come to light since Prince Be’s death last year. I did find a couple of things—but the real gem was not on YouTube, but on dailymotion.com, where there are a couple of songs from the infamous Fucked Music album (which never saw a proper release), as well as the song below—from another (apparently) unreleased project, The Jim Sullivan Syndrome. A sampler CD containing four full-length songs—including the officially released single, ‘Amnesia’—and four clips was available, but the album itself never followed.

Given how poorly the P.M. Dawn legacy has been handled, it seems unlikely that proper releases of any new material recorded before Prince Be gave Doc G the okay to carry on under the P.M. Dawn name will be forthcoming.

This has nothing to do with me or my activities; rather, I wanted to share this video here so I won’t have to go searching for it again…

(28 July 2017)