The DVD menu music loops on infinite all afternoon (a poem)

No time recently to research my next writing challenge, so I’m sticking with the title-first exercise this month…

I wake long enough to notice
half-wonder where the remote went
then return to the empty restaurant
where the dream is taking place

Where’s the remote…

The hologram is explaining something
that goes completely over my head
I’m still obsessing over the Chinese take-out menu
that only has four things on it

The remote…

The nurse comes back with the food
wants to know where everyone is
It’s been like this the entire time
I wonder how they manage to stay open

I really should find the remote…

Yes, I still miss you a little sometimes
but that’s not going to change anything now
This sofa is a dream, and you
Are you really asking me that now?

Gotta find that remote…

(1 July 2017)