Nothing shimmers anymore (a poem)

An early entry…

Mornings. Grey.
Skies. Cloudy.
Buildings. Dark glass and dirt.
Streets. Crammed with traffic.

Entrances. Clandestine; non-descript.
Chambers. Muted colors; old furniture.
Walls. Unseen; oppressive.
Corners. Cobwebbed; dusty.

Mirrors. Only corners remain.
Reflections. Imagined, but never seen.
Projections. Dimmed, for protection.
Artists. Absorbing everything.

Today. Ink scratches on wrinkled paper.
Moments. Relentless; incomplete.
Tomorrow. Erasures, pending.
Future. Carbon; thick, dark, cracking.

Poems. Messages without bottles.
Missives from the interior.
Shouts in quiet whispers.
The last hopes of the hopeless.

(9 June 2017)