You are far away (a poem)

Today’s entry. The title comes from a line of dialogue in Twin Peaks: The Return

This is a fact
one of those things
that cannot be changed
without significant effort
on your part or mine
or a shift of circumstances
in our favor—
in my favor, actually
I’m not sure right now
how you might feel
about being closer
            in the same town
            in the same building
            in the same room

For now, the fact remains

This is a state of mind
many times I have felt close
to someone who was far from me
or felt distant
from someone in the next room
This misalignment
is disturbingly common
we are too often
in different spaces
regardless of where we are—
and what we feel
is different
from what we see

For now, the fact remains

This is a truth
distance can be
both seen
and felt
We can bridge the gap
in different ways
but the distance
will not alter
to suit our wishes
Distance is stubborn
and must be overcome

For now, the truth remains

You are far away
or I am
Either way
I live with memories
and feelings
These are poor substitutes
for the real thing

but, for now, the fact remains

(3 June 2017)