It’s your birthday (a poem)

Bonus round, before my filter kicks in…

I think of how quickly the day is coming up
and miss you all the more

You may not feel the same way now
but I remember when I was the one you would call
and how it felt to be able to tell you
how a similar situation affected me

Now I have no idea
what’s going on

Are your demons in control of you
the way my demons are in control of me?

Given the chance
could we see each other through
the hardest of the hard times
that show no signs of fading?

I know now from experience
that it would be foolish to say I love you
at this distance, time is brutish
when it comes to feelings

But I know enough
to be able to say
that I could hold you
as long as it takes
for us to let it all out

After that
anything you might want
would be okay with me

Tomorrow would take care of itself

(27 May 2017)