Interlude: Dragon Hill (a poem)

Another late entry today. My first attempt of the day felt a bit prosaic; I started this one while watching the music video for Kate Bush’s song ‘Cloudbusting’, and went from there…

The grassy hill stands bare
beneath the afternoon sun
Donald Sutherland doesn’t make it rain anymore
(not so the cameras would capture it, anyway)
and the contraption is in hiding

Whispered lines signal like minds
I recognize them, too
but don’t know my place in the story
or the shape of the object I push up the hill
only for it to fall on my back

Her face seems out of place somehow
I don’t see the resemblance—
but the rain has yet to start falling
The literature doesn’t tell me anything
beyond going to the home page

The speck on the lens is a distraction
I shift my gaze back to the dancer
hiding among the spotlights
singing of breath and snow
disappearing in a veil of tears

Tomorrow the sun will come out
I know, I don’t have to say it
it will just happen
Someone will lay out a blanket on a grassy hill
and wait for the rain to fall

(10 May 2017)