Thoughts on a lonely night when I’m missing you (a poem)

Today’s entry. I spent most of the day working on a short copy-editing job (which I expect to finish tomorrow), so it took me a while to come up with something. I gave myself a few minutes of silence, and then…


I’m going to sit here in silence
and try to reconcile my memories
with the pictures you insist on showing me

because these stories I tell myself
all trail off in exactly the same way—
before I get to the good part

        The roar of the engine takes me far away, into the sky.
Once the clouds are below me,

There’s not enough soil
on God’s green earth
to bury my feelings
the way they deserve

so I hold the glass up to the light
until my world turns red

I dive in again.

But the metaphor is exhausted.
I go home alone, put the mask on
and wait to drift away

        If you should ever find me in our favorite place, will you fall in love with me? Or prefer the disguise—and make up your own happy ending…

(8 May 2017)


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