I can’t make out what you’re saying. Are you in trouble, or am I? (a poem)

Today’s entry is a partial rendering of the weird dream I had last night.

After all the time I’ve spent on this road
trying to find my way home
I’m more lost than ever

No passport
No phone
No cash

But you can help me, can’t you?

It’s been a while since the rain stopped
but the clouds keep hanging around

You look so small
standing under that awning

Have you been waiting here long?

How did we get here?

Half the party are passed out
only the guy in the evil-clown make-up
is making any sense

I try to rouse you
but you’re incoherent
mumbling through the tears

The free weekly at the entrance
is my best chance to find the spot

but the X has disappeared
from the map

My companions are long gone

Here on the lawn
under midnight floods
and sprinkler splash

heavy silences
and uncertain defeat
rumble with unspoken hopes
and quiet determination

No one can see the tears

(7 May 2017)