Opening: Quality Inspector III (a poem)

Today’s attempt.

I am interested in this position.
I would be thrilled—
beyond thrilled, in fact—
to carry on the outstanding legacy
of excellence and exactitude
established by Quality Inspector I
and extended by Quality Inspector II,
both veritable legends,
without whom
Quality Inspector III would not exist.

However, I do have one concern:
that, as Quality Inspector III,
I would always be compared
to Quality Inspectors I and II—
always expected to do
at least as well as they did,
simply because I, too,
was a Quality Inspector,
rather than being appreciated
for my own unique qualities.

Having to live up to I and II all the time
could give me a complex—
can you imagine
always being compared to them?

‘That’s not how Quality Inspector I would have done it.’

‘Quality Inspector II would have done better than that.’

‘You have to do better—after all, you’re a Quality Inspector.’

Well, I’m not Quality Inspector I
or Quality Inspector II!
I’m my own person!
I’m Quality Inspector III—
what do you want from me?

I don’t think I want to be part of this company anymore…

(3 May 2017)