National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 4

My fourth poem for National Poetry Writing Month combines the prompt from, which is to write a poem ‘with a word or idea or line it isn’t expressing directly’, with the prompt from the NaPoWriMo Facebook page, which is to ‘make use of Color [sic] as your theme.’ [Update: I moved the I have no need… stanza because it was bugging me. I will keep it where I moved it for now—but I suspect further revision will be necessary later on.]

Missing chroma

I am surrounded by it—
but it’s never the right kind

I have no need for jealousy
my gills are perfectly fine
and I don’t keep anything in the refrigerator that long

Sure, it keeps me in oxygen and whatnot
(and I do like breathing)

but I need the stuff that will
keep me in wine and grocery
gas for the car
treats for the cat
heat for the winter
four walls and a place to sleep

The breeze that travels along the creek
makes soothing sounds
and creates a pretty picture—

but, while it may be nice to look at
the truth, as the song says
ain’t that pretty at all

(4 April 2017)


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