Coffee: the great tranquilizer (a poem)

I wrote this during a workshop yesterday. Even made up a word.

I don’t know if authenticity is
a cave of solitude
library silent
but coffee provides a sense of normality
however artificial

Opening a box of the stuff
is to open freedom in the scent
of new-mown grass
at least, enough to smooth out
the gelatinous apoplexy of the day’s events

in which the felonious feats of the fools in charge
send dusk screaming
along the country road
away from whatever wacky uvulate
the toastmaster deigns to dispense

in the 140 characters available to him

(18 March 2017—posted March 19th)


5 thoughts on “Coffee: the great tranquilizer (a poem)

    1. I originally had “wisdom”, but I didn’t want it to be taken un-ironically. Since my word list included “uvula” (sometimes referred to a “that dangly thing at the back of your throat”), I thought that turning it into “uvulate” might suggest something unpleasant that comes from the back of the throat, while being vague enough for the reader to interpret in whatever way seems to make the most sense. So, the short answer is a little of both.

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