This is fifty-four (a poem)

Something a little different today.

Finally got a decent night’s sleep last night
even though my dream mission failed
Woke up in time to see sunlight through the window

The cat’s asleep on the heating pad
she’s all stretched out
and perhaps even smiling

It’s just the two of us now

I haven’t gone anywhere
though the scenery has changed
I suppose I’m right where I need to be

There’s a reason I do what I do
and occasionally a rhyme
in a place or two

Not so much a calling
it comes from within
taking me places I might otherwise not go—

at least, as long as the car still runs

I don’t run
never much saw the point
I am inclined to take a walk or two
camera in hand
to take photographs along the way

I wouldn’t say I’m slower
but I’m not in as much of a rush
time will keep moving either way

My handmade Irish hat
will get me senior discounts at Thriftway
if I’m not paying attention

(The only time I worry is when the bank account’s low)

Low I am sometimes
but I keep on going
I may even get there some day

And things may change
so the problems we’re seeing
will be fixed the right way
without fear or hate
or the need to win whatever the cost

But I’d rather not talk about that
as much as it’s been on my mind

We’ve got to take care of ourselves
if we’re going to be able to take care of each other

If I can get a decent night’s sleep
and write a few lines here and there
and get through the day
I will have accomplished that part
and been a credit to my end of the bracket

(16 March 2017)