Bellissima (a poem)

I have a bunch of unlabelled cassettes in my car. One of them partly inspired this…

I popped the cassette into the tape deck
to listen on my way home

Out came an album from 1988
that I first heard in 1996

Not long after I first met you

I was caught up in the emotional rush
when you took me by surprise

I had no imagination
you were too good for me

You made me disregard the past
and hope for the future

We had our moments
but we had no future

Still, even now I wonder
as I remember

kissing you
by the vending machines


Some nights
Hope is but a memory
on an hour-long car trip home
and a song I listened to back then…

I love that song
temptation in a slice of soul
It reminds me of moments
we spent together
You knew just what I needed
you knew before I could bring myself to ask

Twenty years on
here we are
I am where I am
You are where you are
Neither of us knows
where the other is
I count that as my great loss

Never underestimate Hope
or the allure of that first glance

(24 February 2017)