Lives with the shakes (a poem)

New blitz poem.

Wobbly table wobbles
Wobbly world shakes
Shakes the surface like a plate
Shakes us up to put us in our place
Place the cup well away from the edge
Place the outrage at the bottom of the glass
Glass empty or
glass full
Full is the outrage
Full as the hunger is empty
Empty the cup in the parking lot
empty before the morning rush
Rush when the need is urgent
Rush before they kick you out
Out of the place you fought so hard to claim
out of some imagined right of birth
Birth is an accident
Birth is out of your control
Control is an illusion anymore
Control is an unwieldy crutch
Crutch of impermanence
Crutch about to break
Break off when the ground gets slippery
Break when anger comes on too strong
Strong is the resolve
Strong but structurally unsound
Unsound shouts through megaphones
Unsound is rewarded for being loud
Loud waits for nothing
Loud always has too much to say
Say ridiculous things and be proud
Say anything they’re likely to believe
Believe it
Believe your own eyes
Eyes see
Eyes deceive
Deceive because it’s convenient
Deceive to get all the gold
Gold may taste bitter
Gold glitters
Glitters like the grand prize
Glitters in light meant to blind
Blind them when they look into the sun
Blind them because they’re willing
Willing to live in blindness
Willing to crawl for the rest of their lives
Lives aren’t worth much until they’re lost
Lives lived long and without purpose

(23 February 2017)