The light waits for its chance to burst forth (a poem)

This blitz poem quotes both The KLF and Cheap Trick…

Fakes going wild in the corner office
Fakes doing fake things
Things couldn’t be any better than this
Things lie sometimes
Sometimes people lie about things
Sometimes we put these people in charge
Charge it to our account
Charge ahead and don’t worry
Worry doesn’t look good on you
Worry won’t make America great again™
Again is an illusion
Again assumes too much
Much of which ignores the facts
Much of which is a lie
Lie down on the floor and keep calm
Lie down and surrender

Surrender but don’t give yourself away
Surrender before they spring the trap

Trap them in their own lies
Trap the vermin creeping out of the swamp
Swamp is full of them
Swamp gets fuller every day
Day by day the stench rises
Day will come when the swamp ignites
Ignites in a ball of fury
Ignites of its own trapped will
Will to escape
Will to live
Live without the muck and the mud and the leeches that
live in the residence upstairs
Upstairs the leech-in-residence lusts for blood
Upstairs the blood begins to stain
Stain everything in the path of the beast
Stain the pictures shut away from the light
Light may never see these halls again
Light will escape through the cracks
Cracks form with alarming regularity now
Cracks wider than the earth’s ability to contain
Contain what we can of hope
Contain enough to flow freely upon release
Release sounds improbable but
release will come
come as celebration
come as surprise
Surprise the liars with undisputable truth
Surprise doom with the light we have saved
Saved when no one was paying attention
Saved because we knew it was worth saving

(21 February 2017)