Body of truth (a poem)

New blitz poem.

I am a name
I am a name attached to a body
Body that emerged from another body
Body that started small and grew up tall
Tall to stand upon two feet
Tall to stand up and reach
Reach out for another
Reach out for the ring
Ring in which I get knocked down
Ring for the finger
Finger that extends from my hand
Finger with which to hang on tight
Tight is the grip that holds on to this ledge
Tight as the brandy that goes to my head
Head drowning in clouds
Head turning at the slightest sound
Sound kept waking me up last night
Sound nothing but sounds in the night
Night moves
Night stands for the still
Still where silence can speak
Still keeping quiet
Quiet until there’s something to say
Quiet just because
Because there’s nothing to say
Because I can’t sleep
Sleep feels like a luxury
Sleep where all the drama plays
Plays at improbable scenarios
Plays for no reason at all
All disappears come morning
All always finds an excuse
Excuse to show up unexpected
Excuse to leave without saying goodbye
Goodbye is overrated
Goodbye is never goodbye
Goodbye already
Goodbye and so long
Long ago I opened my eyes for the first time
Long ago they gave me this name
Name attached to this body
Name a fiction to be made fact
Fact is I don’t know what to make of the name
Fact is facts can be slippery things
Things you believe until you have proof
Things that fall apart when met with truth
Truth hides in plain sight
Truth doesn’t always let us know

(18 February 2017)