The grey horse carries the broken rider back home (a poem)

New blitz poem.

This horse has no colors
This message is blank
Blank screens light the scene
Blank expressions greet the question
Question marks scramble for attention
Question marks scratch their heads
Heads turn in all directions
Heads bobble in confusion
Confusion makes the headlines now
Confusion is the new black
Black scratches crowd the paper
Black scratches mean something
Something money can’t always buy
Something to remember
Remember the promises they made
Remember the ones they broke
Broke in America is a crime anymore
Broke and broken treated the same
Same shit happened yesterday
Same if you’re paying attention
Attention wanders after a second or two
Attention picks up the phone
Phone doesn’t get used much for talking
Phone or alarm clock or flashlight
Flashlight beams never quite manage
Flashlight beams never bend
Bend slowly to keep from breaking
Bend slowly to keep from breaking
Breaking glass is always an accident
Breaking rules is always the law
Law might make something change
Law might have its way
Way off in the distance
Way down in the gutter
Gutter fills with drainage from the swamp
Gutter overflows
Overflows overwhelm the dam
Overflows flood the plain
Plain as the rain that falls from the sky
Plain and undecorated is the grey
Grey is the horse that wins on the mud
Grey is the hair that falls into my sink
Sink down into the chair
Sink into the dreams that explain nothing
Nothing changes but the shapes on my ceiling
Nothing ever stays the same for long
Long ago was a long time coming
Long before then it was already gone

(16 February 2017)