Make way for the leftfield comeback (a poem)

The blitz poem I wrote yesterday while waiting for a poetry reading to begin.

Dreaming strange movies all night long
Dreaming of rap in leftfield
Leftfield amorphous in genre
Leftfield a home for flaws, tics, and quirks
Quirks that add flavor to sound
Quirks to identify the outsider
Outsider loitering just beyond the wall
Outsider never feeling quite at home
Home is but a concept
Home the concept not everyone knows
Knows about
Knows what to do with
With what we know we could do anything
With what we do it seems we know nothing
Nothing here speaks to us
Nothing here allows us to believe
Believe beyond our preconceptions
Believe in anything we can’t see
See where that gets us
See the damage done
Done in the name of law and order
Done in the name of the Lord
Lord what have we done
Lord will have the final word
Word kept as promise
Word honored as command
Command is insulated from the blowback
Command of the language in short supply
Supply must face demand
Supply has a choice to make
Make one side happy
Make the other side suffer
Suffer the state of deprivation
Suffer the state
State has to have its way
State of a union in disarray
Disarray the mess we’ve left ourselves
Disarray settles in to stay
Stay like the guest who just won’t leave
Stay the decision for a while
While the fiction persists
While we gather our strength
Strength emerges when we least expect
Strength brings fire to the fight
Fight doesn’t always make right
Fight comes down to win or lose
Lose and you may never recover
Lose to make way for the comeback

(12 February 2017—posted February 13th)