Brave without weight (a poem)

A new blitz poem.

Tree trunk splinters jut out through the guard rail
Tree finally cracked under the weight
Weight of expectation
Weight that skewed the trail
Trail used to lead somewhere
Trail went everywhere I needed it to go
Go on
Go if there’s a better place to be
Be forewarned it may take a long time to get there
Be prepared for detours along the way
Way out there
Way beyond the posted signs
Signs filled with misinformation
Signs are deceptive these days
Days stretch out into thick grey fog
Days splinter and disappear
Disappear like the tree that once stood proud
Disappear without notice
Notice this moment
Notice the splinters that shed from the branch
Branch onto the other fork of the trail
Branch away from misguided adventure
Adventure threatens to spill out beyond the screen
Adventure contained within the dimensions of the film
Film covers everything
Film adds shine to the surface
Surface shimmers
Surface distorts
Distorts truth with a trick of the light
Distorts memory by playing with time
Time gets all of the laughs
Time rushes us through age
Age the ruthless leveller
Age is a cheap comedian
Comedian trapped in the hole-in-the-wall club
Comedian stuck opening for faded stars
Stars used to be my favorite subject
Stars eventually burn out and die
Die light years before anyone knows
Die in spectacular form and fashion
Fashion is a conceit to explain our choices
Fashion is embarrassment repeated every twenty years
Years when we think we know better
Years before we know anything
Anything that might give us answers
Anything that might make us brave
Brave and I are only casual acquaintances
Brave would just as soon do other things

(12 February 2017)