Going where my thoughts take me after a restless night (a poem)

Another blitz poem, but with my own title.

I awoke late
I didn’t sleep well
Well here I am
Well it’s about what I’d expect
Expect what’s going to happen next
Expect what I’ll have to do
Do to get through the day
Do to get ahead
Ahead of the weather
Ahead of the storm
Storm the gates
Storm the castle
Castle collapsed in the earthquake
Castle fell apart in the aftermath
Aftermath of accident
Aftermath of hell
Hell is heaven here on earth
Hell stalks us until we say yes
Yes you can have me
Yes it’s that easy
Easy to find the cloud around the silver lining
Easy to abandon it all
All I want is some peace
All good things come to an end
End to end the truth stretches out
End it now before I change my mind
Mind over matter
Mind what I do
Do what I want
Do it but be careful
Careful is a curse I haven’t been able to shake
Careful is a burden on the will
Will you free me of my burden
Will you help me undo it all
All the things I thought would matter
All come unravelled before long
Long before I was ready
Long ago and then
Then what I wanted was meaningless
Then I had to start all over again
Again this time without nothing
Again with no particular place to go
Go with me this time
Go along for the ride
Ride upon the rails of time
Ride the train to the place we’ve been waiting for
For all of this should last longer
For time to serve its purpose

(4 February 2017)