Failed sex dream #8,419 (a poem)

I saw a poster on a trash can while driving home from the library, but didn’t start on this poem until a few hours later.…

Sex interrupted by Happy Meals
was never going to happen

She had the element of surprise on her side
but lost me in the confusion

By the time I’d regained my bearings
the bed was covered with ketchup packets and sauce containers

The church parking lot
was not the best location

The awkward scene
carried over to the bar

Where some obnoxious stranger held court
talking about what it takes to score

I tried not to make eye contact
so she wouldn’t think I was with him

She texted me a photo
striking a pose in a booth

I encouraged her: Yeah, baby!

By the time Lily and I found her at the next bar
two drinks in her hands
she was chasing a guy named Michael mid-argument

We recalled a quote about sober realisation

(1 February 2017)