One thousand, four hundred sixty days to go (a poem)

I missed the inauguration. Apparently, there was talk of carnage…

I keep waiting for the car to blow up
and auto parts rain all over the streets
of the capital

I know democracy is not that tidy

Carnage will be limited to the people
who can least afford it

And the sea of red and white
may as well be blood and bandages

for all the wounds that have been inflicted
upon the already bruised and battered

bewildered now
not knowing where to turn

The perpetrator walks maybe a hundred feet
before getting back into the car

with twenty men in dark overcoats
strolling alongside

all red ties, no hats
in complete contrast to the crowd

a sea of red and white

The motorcade arrives at its destination
ready to start the party

I think I’ll turn in early tonight
there are long days ahead

(20 January 2017)