The emptiest Xmas ever (a poem)

Trying to figure out my total lack of interest in Xmas this year…

The movie’s cued up
I can’t press Play

It’s not going to make anything better

At the end of the day
it’s nothing special

Yes, festive music plays
in the supermarket
while outside it threatens to snow

Nothing accumulates
but rain puddles in the parking lot
and the grocery receipts in my pocket

I haven’t thought about much that matters
these last few weeks

There’s simply no room

I haven’t thought about you

Every time, at this time of year
I play the songs
and my mind goes back

and I wish I could bring you here
as though we’d never let each other go

and the song comes to that one line
that always brings a tear to my eye

and I remember that I’m alone here
with a tear in my eye and memories I can’t replace

I have none of that this year

and in the morning
it will be Sunday

(24 December 2016)