Taking it easy for a bit

After nearly two years of daily writing, I am allowing myself a break from routine this month.

At the start of 2015, I resolved to write and post at least one new poem every day. I did miss some days here and there, but otherwise was faithful to that goal. Even if I didn’t like any of the poems I wrote on a given day, I still posted something.

For 2016, I took it a step further, by giving myself a new writing challenge each month. I explored several forms I had not used before. I wrote ekphrastic poems. I followed all the NaPoWriMo site prompts—whether I liked them or not. Again, I was mostly successful in writing and posting something every day, missing only a handful of days here and there.

I have continued my Love Notes to the Days of the Week series throughout, so I have been writing and posting even on those days (with a couple of exceptions) when I did not post new poems. This will continue.

Right now, though, I’m tired. I’m still adjusting to not having Lucy around—in addition to missing her, my sleep routine is still off. Consequently, I haven’t bothered to come up with a new challenge for December. Instead, I’m going to let myself write when the urge strikes—however (in)frequently that may be.

Come January, I will resume a daily routine. For now, I’ve got extra blankets, a plethora of Star Trek episodes, beverages hot and cold, and Trixie. And, today, a real chance at getting to bed before eleven…

(5 December 2016)