Year-end eBook Sale

In the wake of this year’s election catastrophe (whether your candidate won or lost, I think we can all agree that the whole thing was a huge mess), the holidays are once again upon us. Since I have not been very good about pushing my several collections of poetry for personal consumption, here is where I jump on that particular bandwagon…

From now through December 31st, all of my e-books can be had for $1.99 each—in your choice of ePub or Kindle format—through Smashwords. Basically, that’s 50% off the regular price for everything except This Is Fifty-three and ‘Dear Monday…’, and 60% off the regular price of those two titles.

Here are the product links, and the corresponding coupon codes:

This Is Fifty-three
coupon code: BX24J

Coffee Stains
coupon code: NK65Z

Refusal to Remain Invisible
coupon code: ZU59G

Quiet on the Outside…
coupon code: RX48Q

The Imperfect Document
coupon code: FG24R

coupon code: VS82E

Separation Anxiety
coupon code: WB76W

‘Dear Monday…’
coupon code: SE36E

If you buy the print copies of any of these on Amazon, you can get the Kindle e-book for free from Amazon. If you purchase print copies directly from me (I currently have copies of everything listed above, except ‘Dear Monday…’), I will include the corresponding Smashwords codes for free copies of the e-book versions. And you can do all of this without having to leave your house and fight the Black Friday hordes.

Thanks, and happy reading!

(23 November 2016)