November writing challenge

In my ongoing quest to write things that don’t sound like something I would write, this year I began giving myself monthly writing challenges. While driving home from a closing reception this evening, my November challenge—and my first poem—came to me.

For lack of a better name/label, I am referring to this one as the alphabet poem challenge. It has two three requirements:

  1. Starting with the letter A, each poem will bear a title that begins with the corresponding letter in the alphabet. Thus, the first poem will have a title starting with A, the second poem will have a title starting with B, and so on.
  2. The title must come first.
  3. The poem will contain the number of lines corresponding to the letter’s position in the alphabet. So, the A poem will have one line, the B poem two lines, the C poem three lines, and so on.

This could get weird…

(30 October 2016—edited October 31)