August 2016 recap

I had expected to be out and about tonight—a rare occurrence, to be sure, but not completely out of the question—but a late bedtime last night turned into not enough sleep (aided by my trusty alarm cats), so I am at home instead, watching Young Frankenstein.

August turned out to be quite a month. Though I cannot say that I am ‘I have to check my calendar’ busy by any stretch of the imagination, a lot happened this month:

Claygraphy Writing Contest

To coincide with their Clay? VI exhibit, Kirkland Arts Center solicited entries of prose (up to 1000 words) and poetry inspired by the pieces on display. ‘Selected entries’ would be chosen to be displayed with the pieces that inspired them. I submitted two poems, ‘Entanglement’ (based on Blind Strife of the Entwined, by Crista Ames) and ‘Survey the damage’ (based on Sill Lives: Cactus Tea, by Lauren Sandler). Unfortunately, I missed the August 19th reception that revealed which written works would be displayed, but I subsequently learned that both my poems were chosen.





The Clay? VI exhibit continues through September 10th.

The Poetry Marathon

As I described in an earlier post, I participated in this year’s internet Poetry Marathon. Having signed up for the half marathon, my task was to write 12 poems in 12 hours—one new poem each hour. After getting off to a good start, it got kind of brutal after a while—writing 12 poems within a short period of time is not necessarily that difficult; writing 12 good (or at least respectable) poems, on the other hand, is hard work. However, I did succeed in writing and posting all 12 poems within the designated time. (I later learned that half of this year’s participants did not finish.) You can read my entries and post-marathon recap here.

This Is Fifty-three

After five months of work, I published both editions of This Is Fifty-three this month. The stripped-down, Just the Words, Man edition came out August 21st; the full-color edition came out today, August 27th.

If you have been following along (to catch up, click here), then you already know the last week or so was something of an uphill battle, what with the folks at CreateSpace seemingly finding a new random reason every day why my files didn’t meet their requirements for printing. But, I persevered, and was able to approve the proof for publication this morning.

Other Stuff

Right after finishing the poetry marathon, I headed for one of the monthly poetry readings I usually attend. I read five of the twelve poems I wrote that day. Needless to say, the usual early-morning interruption by the alarm cats notwithstanding, I slept in until almost 11:30 the next morning.

The following Friday, I attended the monthly write-in held by RASP (Redmond Association of Spokenword [sic]) at VALA Art Center. Among the poems I wrote was ‘If you put the two together’, inspired by two paintings by MiYoung MargolisThe Dancer and Sand Glass. (Though the paintings had been taken down by the time of RASP’s monthly reading one week later, I was able to share my poem with the artist through the magic of e-mail.)

Another of the poems I wrote that evening served as my submission for this year’s Poetry On Buses. I do not recall giving my poem a title, but I was glad I could submit something, as my previous efforts to write something for this program produced nothing. King County is accepting submissions through 11:59 p.m. September 30th.

Yeah. I think that’s plenty for one month.

(27 August 2016)