ART 53: Published!

At last, it is done.


The latest proof was ready for review a couple of hours ago. I had to allow myself extra time to look things over, as I was up last night until after 2 a.m., and my cats woke me up at 5-something—so, when I opened up CreateSpace’s Digital Proofer at 9:15 or thereabouts, I was way sleepy. As a precaution, I also downloaded the PDF proof. After about an hour of waking up and carefully reviewing the book in both the Digital Proofer and Adobe Acrobat, I held my breath and clicked ‘Approve’, thereby making the book officially available.

It will appear on Amazon within a couple of days; in the meantime, it can be purchased from the CreateSpace e-store:

I will be updating my website later today to reflect this new development.

(27 August 2016)