ART 53, day 56

This Is Fifty-three, day 56

A day after approving the proof for the Just the Words, Man edition, thereby making it available for purchase…I received the printed proof for the full-color edition.

For the most part, it looks really good. Having worked only with black-and-white interiors in the past, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only real problems, as such, that I ran into were areas where my overlapping boxes/rules allowed a little bit of what was underneath to show through. In a couple of places, I used workarounds to solve the problem; in another (pictured below), I replaced what I had there with something much simpler, but more effective.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 14.35.17

The other change I made was to rein in the background for the book’s spine. I decided that if I really wanted that strip to show on the front and back, it would have to be much wider. I thought that would just be overkill, so I reduced the width so it is roughly the same width as the spine.

I uploaded the revised files a few minutes ago, which means I should have one more round to go with CreateSpace tech support before I can review the next proof. I am going to trust that I have enough information now that I can get by with the digital proof, since none of the changes I made were drastic.

Almost there!

(22 August 2016)