After the fact (a poem)

Recordings and past events went into this one…

When I was around her
she was her natural self
Around others
she was a different person
adapting her personality to fit

I was always surprised
by what others had to say
the person they described to me
the person they raved about
was not the person I knew

‘He’s always going on
about how proud he is of you’
I heard this from time to time
but it was never the message
I thought I’d been receiving

My view was from the bottom
looking up
looking for the hand to hold on to
hoping to find my way back
to the road I’d run off of

When it’s over between you
that’s when you hear
the doubts and the dismissals
the warnings
you never received

I know they were just trying
to fill that awkward moment
but why wasn’t it important
to warn me
before I made the mistake?

(4 July 2016)