Why Designers HATE Papyrus

It took me a while to get beyond mere dislike, but I am now firmly in the I-hate-Papyrus camp. In fact, I dislike it so much that I have disabled it in FontBook (I would have deleted it, but I don’t like to mess with system fonts).

I will grandfather in anybody who has already made use of Papyrus (I used it for my very first cassette release, back in 1993); anybody who uses it after, say, June 1st—I will judge you… 😉

I feel better now.

(22 May 2017)

The Musings of Dave

In a homage to my post about Why Designers HATE Comic Sans, I am going to go and look at another member of the design worlds reviled font’s collection. Seriously folks, I swear this font was BORN to be loathed by designers everywhere. It’s incredibly tacky in a horrible kitschy way and it should never be used anywhere, certainly not in professional production pieces (Avatar, I am looking at you here). And if the Avatar clue hadn’t given it away already, Ladies and Gentlemen for your delectable Hatred, I present to you, the Font PAPYRUS.

English: Specimen of the Papyrus typeface.

God, You could not pick out a worse font if you tried. Papyrus. Look at that wonderful example of the kind of font that is used by people with no design sense. Now in my post on Comic Sans, I at least managed to say that Comic Sans has it’s uses and can be quite effective…

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Call for Suggestions: Resistance Song of the Day

Since January, I have been posting a ‘resistance song of the day’ each day. More accurately, I have intermittently gone on YouTube benders and scheduled these posts well in advance.

In a couple of days, the last of the last batch of songs I selected will be posted. Although my tastes cover a fairly broad range, it is getting harder and harder to think of songs to post without duplicating previous posts.

So! If you have any suggestions about songs I could add to this series (which I intend to post for the duration), please send them my way. Just artist and title, please. You can comment on this post, or use the Contact link above.


P.S.: I managed to find a few more that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of earlier, so I am now good through June 6th. But I am still looking for suggestions…

(20 May 2017)