ART 53, day 13

Today, I scanned. I have accumulated just over 30 Polaroids since January. Usually I scan them the same day, but I haven’t been doing that.

This is probably going to take me a while—particularly if I am to keep plugging away at the book.

Why will it take me a while? Well, it all comes down to the vagaries of scanning film, with Polaroids adding their own peculiar brand of fun to the mix. Continue reading

ART 53, day 12

(I changed the title of this series of posts—finally!—because Working on the new book sounds really lame. Anyway…)

Today, I began raiding a past project for some layout ideas. From July 2009 through June 2010, I worked on creating one new layout for each day. For the most part, I succeeded (though there were a few days I had to play catch-up). Not all of the layouts were great, but I gave myself a new set of constraints each month to force myself to try a bunch of different stuff. Continue reading