Dear Friday…

Dear Friday, What sort of chaos have you got in store for me this day? Love, Kevin (23 March 2018)


Flash flood warning in effect until 6 p.m. (a poem)

Sometimes signs appear in unexpected places…  1 Heavy rains and rising floodwaters near Echo Lake Three fresh crosses on the front lawn Three more on the façade of the church down the road 2 Easter this year is on April Fools’ Day Will we hear God laughing? Will we recognize it as laughter if we [...]

Disconnect as a possible solution to problems of my own making (a poem)

Back to not repeating words (at least, within the poem)…  This suggestion of a disconnect doesn’t connect—or it does but not how you’d expect All things being equal I’d rather be anyone else with no stake in the outcome My natural inclination to hang back would then step aside and let me do what’s needed [...]